About Us

Founded in 1856, The Kenyon Collegian is the student-run weekly newspaper that covers the Kenyon College and Gambier, Ohio communities. The Collegian publishes a print edition most Thursdays during the academic year, and is distributed free-of-charge in the Village of Gambier.

The organization is staffed entirely by students, most of whom are volunteers. Some editors receive a small stipend.

Our masthead

Editors-in-Chief: Evey Weisblat, Mae Hunt

Executive Director: Elizabeth Stanley

Managing Editor: Jackson Wald

Social Media Director: Joe Wint

Chief Copy Editors: Andy Kelleher, Adam Samet

News Editor:  Linnea Mumma, Amanda Pyne

News Assistant: Adam Margolis

Features Editor: Ariella Kissin, Sophie Krichevsky

Opinions Editors: Mia Sherin, Lucy White, Salvatore Macchione

Arts Editors: Fred Giron-Giessen

Sports Editors: Jordy Fee-Platt, Joe Wint

Photography Editor: Sara Haleblian

Design Editor: Reid Stautberg, Emiliana Cardinale

Circulation Manager: Jordy Fee-Platt

Cartoonist: Alex Gilkey

Advisor: Kurt Pyle


How we’re funded

The Collegian is a registered student organization at Kenyon College, which entitles us to apply for monies collected through the student activities fee — a regular charge to students and families. Each semester, we go before the Business and Finance Committee of the Student Council and request a new budget for the following months. In most years, we have requested money to cover the cost of printing the paper and paying for various projects on the Internet.