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Crossword (10/12)


1. Border

5. Inhabitants of West Wing

9. Sound from Ransom sculptures

12. She once gave away Vaseline on her talk show

13. Deadly sin

14. ____-stay in bed

15. Sense

16. Galactic princess

17. They hang from campus trees

18. The Creeks, e.g.

22. City with athletics named for one of Poe’s poem, abrv.

23. 2000 spoiler

24. Retro calculator

28. Import from East

30. Works in Gringotts 

32. Small measurement, abrv.

35. ____ for the other team (sly reference to sexuality)

36. Nevel Papperman’s favorite word

37. Throw a pity party

38. IPA

39. Like a brat

42. Found in lotions and beverages

43. Bacteria-filled dairy

44. “Troll the re-_____, Jeremy” (quote from Kimmy Schmidt)

47. Political group active north of Hadrian’s Wall

48. He named his comic-strip tiger after a political theorist

53. Department affiliated with DAs

54. Opera solo

55. Powell, in the biology department

58. Christian curse word?

59. Cartoon Network protagonist

60. Celestial bear

61. August and September holiday, in 2017

62. Used a phalange

63. Simba’s uncle


1. Federal bureau to regulate beer, cigarettes and guns

2. Said to Felicia

3. First organic molecule synthesized inorganically

4. Soft mineral

5. From a certain city in Texas?

6. This enraged Mike Pence

7. Half of what Nietzsche moved beyond

8. British media personality of Punjabi descent

9. Kayak

10. _____-propre, i.e. Rousseau’s target

11. Describes many a Kenyon student

14. Ditto (Same clue as 11-Down)

19. Snug as ____

20. Without a name

21. Kokosing ___ Trail

24. Mama Mia! inspiration

25. Biblical idol

26. What is upped

27. Comedian Louis’s family

28. Author of Alma Mater

29. Often near a boardwalk

31. Czech city

32. Vegetarian protein

33. Found on boot

34. Animal skin

37. Character from Hercules

39. Parallel to radius

40. You probably won’t read her books in an English class

41. Refills Peirce mug; followed by off

42. Exclamation at dog on Middle Path

44. Race of Marvel aliens

45. Beg

46. Disembarked

47. Parisian river

48. Serve as an omen

49. Middle progressive president

50. With a violin, viola and cello

51. Home of the Battling Bishops, multiplied

52. Drug enforcement agent

56. Its “young” wing recently arrived on the Hill

57. Taste for music

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