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Students should have had voice in Cove’s closure

Shutting down the Gambier Grill and consolidating nighttime debauchery to inside Peirce, a change which the College announced last week, will be a detriment to student life.

Our representatives on Student Council were completely shut out of the process of closing one of the only late-night Village institutions that serves primarily students.

This left Council scrambling to solicit student feedback on a lengthy email survey, though what effect, if any, this survey will have on College policy and the future of past-midnight drinks and dining remains unclear. We fear the effect will be minimal.

Council should have been invited to discuss the decision not to renew the Cove’s lease with the College. This is not the first time College officials have made sweeping choices without consulting the student body under the auspices of maintaining Gambier’s aesthetic “charm.” Especially if the College decides to replace the building with another in the style of the North Campus Apartments, as the master plan indicates, it seems the College is continuing to homogenize the look and diversity of businesses in the Village.

The way in which the College went about closing an institution that matters to students points to the disintegration of student voices in the conversation about College policy. Announcing the termination of the Grill’s lease on a Friday afternoon feels like a cheap method of denying student response and engagement, as all offices where students and other interested parties might have offered their concerns or feedback were closed by the time the news spread across campus.

Furthermore, it is clear through its management of Peirce that AVI is lacking in employees. Why does the College think it wise to charge AVI with serving food and alcohol in Peirce Pub when it has struggled this year to retain staff?

While the decision to shutter a small business and invest in a multi-million dollar corporation is an old archetype, should the College expand its business relationship with AVI we hope they will address staffing policies in a way that is fair both to employees and to those who may visit the pub.


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