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Men’s and women’s tennis teams fall to ranked opponents

The Kenyon men’s and women’s tennis teams both fell to ranked opponents over the weekend, with the women’s team beginning conference play on Wednesday by hosting the College of Wooster. 

Women: On Friday, the No. 29 women’s tennis team hosted No. 15 Case Western Reserve University in Gambier and ultimately fell 5-4. The Owls started off the day with doubles play and a win in the No. 2 matchup. Eleni Dakos ’24 and Shadia Amado Aguad ’26 defeated their Spartan counterparts 8-4. Unfortunately, Kenyon dropped the next two doubles matches and entered singles down 2-1. In the No. 3 singles match, Amado Aguad stayed undefeated, tidily winning 6-0, 6-4 and tying things up. However, Case Western picked up wins in the No. 4 and No. 1 courts to take the lead yet again. Allaire Berl ’26 notched a point for the Owls on the No. 2 court, coming away with a come-from-behind 7-5, 6-1, 6-2 victory. After Case Western won its decisive fifth match on the No. 5 court, Lalasa Nagireddy ’25 earned a victory in the No. 6 match from her opponent’s retirement in the third set, giving Kenyon its last point.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Owls cleanly swept Wooster 9-0 to start conference play. In doubles play, the Owls were clinical, coming away with an early 3-0 lead. Leni Lazaridou ’26 and Berl spearheaded Kenyon, winning 8-1 on the No. 1 court, while the pairs of Eleni Dakos ’25 and Amado Aguad and Ana Brand ’27 and Madeline Chappars ’27 won 8-3 and 8-0, respectively. In singles play, the Owls stayed perfect. On the No. 1 court, Lazaridou came away victorious 6-0, 6-1. Elsewhere, Berl, Amado Aguad, Dakos, Brand and Chappars all won in straight sets.

With less than a month until the NCAC Championship, the Owls (6-6, 1-0 NCAC) will travel to play Ohio Wesleyan University on Saturday before taking on Wittenberg University a day later. 

Men: In a neutral-site matchup, the No. 26 men’s tennis team was defeated by the No. 5 University of Chicago (Ill.) 8-1. The Owls immediately started on the back foot, dropping all three doubles matches. Paulo Pocasangre Kreling ’26 and Gianluca Bocanegra ’27 came the closest in doubles play, falling in a tightly contested matchup 8-7 (8-6). In singles, Kenyon notched its lone win on the No. 3 court thanks to Rishil Kondapaneni ’25. Kondapaneni dispatched his opponent 6-3, 6-4 to get Kenyon on the board, but the Owls could not stop the Maroons from running away with the victory. 

Kenyon currently sits at 5-5, although all five losses have come against ranked opponents. After the Owls’ February match with No. 4 Case Western was rescheduled to this Friday, Kenyon will face off against the Spartans before beginning conference play at Ohio Wesleyan and Wittenberg over the weekend.


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