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How to go clubbing on the Hill

How to go clubbing on the Hill

Audrey Neubauer ’19 leaps over her opponent to catch a pass | Courtesy of Audrey Neubauer

Varsity sports are only one slice of athletic life at Kenyon — club sports offer students everything from fitness to friendship to animal companions. Take it from some of their members: These clubs are for everyone, and they can make for some of the best times you’ll find on the Hill.

Women’s Ultimate Frisbee

“I always tell people that frisbee is the one sport anyone can play. All you need is a piece of plastic.”

– Audrey Neubauer ’19

Equestrian Team

“It gets you off campus, and the club is about as low-key as it gets. And you get to pet animals.”

– Brooke Kohn ’18

Fencing Club

“No experience required. This is really a chance to try something out of a college student’s price range, but on a college budget. And it’s fun.”

– Devon Chodzin ’19

Squash Club

“I’m a tall, lanky string bean, so a lot of other sports like rugby weren’t quite on the horizon. Squash, though, is for everybody. No matter your body type, no matter who you are, no matter your athletic ability, you have a chance to go out onto the court and have a great time with great people.”

– Wyatt Cole ’19


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