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Letter to the editors: On “stealthing”

Since there has been no response about the “stealthing” issue raised in the October 26, 2017 issue of the Collegian, I am writing this letter to express my deepest disapprobation that we have students who do stealthing. Stealthing is so common that, language being social, there is a need to have a word describing a man surreptitiously taking a condom off his penis in the midst of a sex act. Even in the wild ‘70s and pre-AIDS early ‘80s, we had no such word, and I’m trying to imagine the character and intent of the students who do this on our campus. The words that come to mind (that can be published in this paper) include “selfish,” “arrogant,” “foolish,” “irresponsible,” “indifferent,” “negligent” and “delusional imbeciles.” But I also see stealthing men as “deplorable,” “reprehensible,” “felonious” and “vicious.” There may be legal consequences to stealthing, including parenthood chaining you for 18 years to a child, but there are also community consequences.  I urge students to shun stealthers and make them bear the natural social consequences of their trust-breaking and vicious behavior.  And, recipients, please whisk the cobwebs from your mind and understand that stealthing is a Title IX violation that puts your life at risk.

Michelle S. Mood, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Asian Studies


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