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Staff Editorial: Don’t be trash: Clean up after yourself on the Hill

As you walk from your dorm or apartment to class or a meal, take a second to look down at the ground. It’s an odd request, yes, but bear with us. Chances are, if you’re walking in the North Campus Apartment loop, by Mather and McBride Residence Halls or toward the South Campus residence halls, something shiny will catch your eye: broken glass.

After every weekend, broken bottles litter the sidewalks, leaving dirty and dangerous work for Kenyon’s maintenance staff. Anyone walking on the campus’s many paths and sidewalks is liable to track broken glass with them wherever they go. For the Hill’s four-legged residents, the glass is even more dangerous.

The problem extends beyond just broken glass from parties. Nearly every student on this campus has stories about first-year mischief and chaos gone awry, from vandalized Community Advisor bulletin boards to knocked-down exit signs hanging from the ceiling. In Peirce Dining Hall, on Old and New Side alike, students leave behind food scraps and napkins after they’ve eaten. Again, the burden of cleaning up these messes ends up falling in the laps of the maintenance workers, when it should rest with us.

As members of the Kenyon community, we have a responsibility to take care of our campus. We spend the majority of the year in Gambier, and we owe it to each other and to ourselves to take care of the place we live. Whether you partner with ECO or other organizations working toward greater sustainability, or you just lean down to pick up a fallen flyer every once in a while, we all have a part to play.


Katie, Annalia and Audrey

This editorial was written by editors-in-chief Katie Sparvero ’25 and Audrey Baker ’25 and managing editor Annalia Fiore ’25. You can contact them at, and, respectively.


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