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Staff Editorial: Thank you for supporting journalism

A week from today, people across the United States will be sitting down around tables and sharing what they’re grateful for: Family and friends, good health for ourselves and others, freedom from want and fear.  Before we dig into our turkey, cranberry sauce and pie, we at the Collegian want to say thank you.

We are grateful for you, our readers. Whether you pick up a copy from the Peirce Dining Hall Atrium, scroll through the PDF during your 1:10 p.m. class or click through the website on a computer thousands of miles away from the Hill, thank you for reading.

It’s no secret that journalism is in a state of flux in the 21st century. The future of the print newspaper — a  staple of everyday life, from the breakfast table in the morning to the living room in the evening — seems dire: Newspapers across the country have shifted from daily print publication to days of digital-only editions. In July, the New York Times announced that it would shutter its sports section, shifting coverage to The Athletic, an online-only publication. 

Even college newspapers have not been spared from such shortsighted moves: Pennsylvania State University slashed the budget of The Daily Collegian, a 136-year-old publication, with plans to eliminate funding entirely by 2024-25. It’s impossible to argue that moves like these are made with the best interests of readers in mind. A print newspaper, like the one we put out every week, is meant to be shared, to inform readers and inspire conversation. We are proud to have served Kenyon and Gambier as the paper of record since 1856.

So, thank you for reading and engaging with the news that matters to the Kenyon community. Whether you read each story from the lede to the last sentence, or you just skim the headlines and captions, thank you. Even if you only pick up a copy to do half of the crossword or find some inspiration for your next trending post on YikYak, your readership helps keep the Collegian in print. 

Thank you for your lasting commitment to the Collegian.


Katie, Audrey and Hannah

This editorial was written by editors-in-chief Katie Sparvero ’25 and Audrey Baker ’25 and managing editor Hannah Sussman ’25. You can contact them at, and, respectively. 


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