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Staff Editorial: We should be more conscientious of our all-stu use

Anyone who frequents the Hill is familiar with the all-student (all-stu) email, which, sent out to much of the student body, often contains less than pertinent information. These emails might contain anything from questions about a lost item to an advertisement for a student play to someone’s 2 a.m. reflections. While some of these emails might be entertaining, they often add to the clutter of student inboxes already flooded by emails and sometimes spark conflict that would better be had off an email chain. 

Students and faculty should be respectful of other people’s inboxes. We already get dozens of emails a day from student organizations advertising events, professors announcing new classes, the Office of the Registrar reminding us of deadlines and many more. Often, useful information can get buried in the mix. 

All-stu emails should be reserved for information that won’t be passed on through student-info and as a last resort for lost items. It is not a place for drawn-out arguments, email chains or superfluous information, no matter how much you want to share your thoughts with the rest of the student body. Before sending an all-stu, consider if you have explored all of the alternative avenues to accomplish your goal. 

Don’t add to the chaos.


Annalia, Audrey and Katie

This editorial was written by editors-in-chief Katie Sparvero ’25 and Audrey Baker ’25 and managing editor Annalia Fiore ’25. You can contact them at, and, respectively.


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