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Reid Stautberg ’23: Executive Director bids farewell

In my almost four years on staff at the Collegian, one theme has persisted: The Class of 2023’s leadership has been resilient and profound. Since the near collapse of our college experience in 2020, our class, who never truly completed their first year at Kenyon, has not let the pandemic, nor any other strife, stop us. Upon returning to the Hill for sophomore year in the fall, this class has demonstrated an incredible capacity to lead the community.

For the past three years, around half of all Student Council representatives, and the large majority of the Student Council Executive Committee members, have been a part of this graduating class. That statistic alone does not begin to account for the incredible commitment of this class to student organizations, social activism and athletics. Though it is often easiest to let others take the reins, these student leaders continued to work toward building a campus that allows for each student to grow as a human, scholar and engaged citizen. While this newspaper has certainly criticized the methods of these efforts at times, it has been in the name of productive discourse and the importance of historical record. I have truly been honored to cover the work of leaders across campus to inform both the current student body and the future.

To student leaders like Rocco Danese ’23 and Campus Senate Student co-Chair Delaney Gallagher ’23, thank you for the countless hours of work you have dedicated to improving this campus. Though your efforts have not always been given the respect they deserve, your deep commitment to the current and future students of this institution is profound. I hope that one day, those who stood in the way of your work over these past few years, namely the College administration, will realize their mistakes in not supporting you better.

To Collegian Advisor Molly Vogel ’00 and Coordinator of Student Engagement Wendy Newell, your care for our organization and this campus as a whole has not gone unnoticed. Though many College employees fail to propagate the growth of our community, you both represent the finest Kenyon has to offer and have allowed us to become better leaders. Your efforts have helped me and the entire Collegian staff gain true journalism experience, and have provided opportunities for us to become good stewards of the community.

To Volume 150’s Editors-in-Chief Amelia Carnell ’23 and Salvatore Macchione ’23 and Chief Copy Editor Alex Felleson ’23: I hold immense gratitude for both your deep dedication to this organization and the friendships we have built. Though our time together has largely been defined by egregiously long nights and arduous decision making, this experience has taught me more about the rewards of persistence than any other. Together, I believe that we have worked to enhance engagement within the community on the issues that matter most.

With the Class of 2023 departing, I hope that the next generation of students will take advantage of the leadership opportunities available, whether formally or informally. Do not let this campus become one that works only for the College administration. Rather, make it one where each community member can feel empowered to make a tangible impact on this community and the world at large. I wish the next staff of the Collegian great luck in keeping this campus informed and engaged. Working for this organization allows opportunity for leadership and care for this campus, and I am sure they will find great success in their endeavors.


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