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Introducing: ‘Ask the Editors’

Once upon a time, before there were all-student emails and Yik Yak, before Snapchat and GroupMe, there was another place students went to ask for and receive advice: Kenyon’s very own Collegian opinions section. As luck would have it, we’re still around, but with a twist. As your humble opinions editors, we’ve written a lot of hot takes and read even more. During this long and illustrious career, we think we’ve developed some pretty good judgment and, in an effort to give back to the Kenyon community, we want to share our wisdom with you. Pro bono! Free of charge! After decades of giving unsolicited hot takes to the student body, we are ready to start giving solicited advice with a brand new column. Inspired by the iconic “Ask Amy,” we’re launching “Ask the Editors.” Each week, one or both of us will give advice and opinions based on your submissions.  Send in your anonymous questions, concerns and quandaries to this form: and you might be featured in an upcoming issue.

Whether you’re torn between two love interests or unsure what major to declare, we’re here to help. Don’t worry, submissions are completely anonymous. No one will ever know that you thought the Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse party was Disney themed.

You can count on us. We might not be omniscient, but we’re certainly opinionated. And hey, there’s two of us, so even if we each give you wildly different advice, one of us is bound to be correct. (We hope.)


Hannah Sussman ’25 and Dorothy Yaqub ’26

“Ask the Editors” is written by opinions editors Hannah Sussman ’25 and Dorothy Yaqub ’26. You can contact them at and, respectively.


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