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Joe Wint: Volume 149 executive staff bids farewell

To many outsiders, Gambier seems like the perfect place: an academic safe haven for those who value a holistic, progressive education and seek a life of purpose. And in many ways, Kenyon lives up to that expectation. Yet the College’s isolation does not protect its community from the typical difficulties of life. Over the last four years, I have seen and reported on numerous instances of inequity, hate and prejudice. It is senseless to expect that as Kenyon students, we will somehow be shielded from such occurrences. Instead, we must utilize our abilities to protect those who are in need, both in Gambier and beyond. I am proud of the Collegian’s contributions to bringing these issues to light and serving as a platform for discourse in our community.

Despite sleep deprivation, frustration and frivolous debates, I am thankful for my time on the Collegian staff. Since my first article in the fall of 2018, my experiences on this paper have molded me as a student, writer and person. I wholeheartedly believe that I have learned more working for this paper than from any book, course or professor at Kenyon. 


To my editors: 

Thank you Becca Foley ’20 and Tommy Johnson ’20, although you may not know it, your character and drive have never been lost on me. Thank you Andy Kelleher ’22, your diligence and relentless edits have turned me into a half-competent writer. Thank you Amanda Pyne ’22 and Linnea Mumma ’22 for your friendship and the sacrifices you have endured to make Volume 149 a success. Finally, thank you Jackson Wald ’22 and Jordy Fee-Platt ’22 for always being by my side and making college all that it’s supposed to be. 


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