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Weekly Column: Welcome to “This Kenyon Life”

Just keep reading. You have already started this column, so you might as well continue. Normally, this column will start with a catchy hook or turn of phrase. Normally, I will draw you in and then introduce you explicitly to the opinion I’m sharing. Normally, I will not demand that you continue reading. Unfortunately, before we can get to normal, I have to use more brass tactics to introduce myself and this column to you.

My name is Hannah. I have been sharing my solicited and unsolicited opinions for the last 18 years. (It would be 19, but I took a year off during third grade to give my teacher a break.) According to one of my roommates, I am well-spoken, and according to the other, I need to do the dishes. I give great advice and horrible directions. Overall, I’m the perfect person to be writing this column. 

Now that you know a bit about me, I would like to formally introduce the column, “This Kenyon Life.” This column will focus on the parts of our lives that are so normalized that we forget they are strange. In the constant movement of life here on campus, how and why we do what we do is often missing from conversations. 

Some of the strangest parts of the last year have been the parts I now view as normal. I live in a glorified box with two people I did not know just one year ago. The pandemic, which some believed would last just a couple weeks, is in year three. I get way too much of my news from apps that use sound effects. And somehow, I still can’t get Kenyon Wifi to work on two of my devices at once. But I know that my experiences are not just my own — I’m sure other Kenyon students will be able to relate. 

Beyond my own opinions, this column will feature the lived experiences of other Kenyon students. Using their stories as a backdrop, this column will highlight unique stories, and reflect on how their messages relate to all of us on campus.

Every other week, this column will look deeply into the lives of students and the implications of what we view as normal or strange. The experience of Kenyon is a collage of individual and communal experiences and ideas. Tucked between the physical events on campus are all of the “ordinary” moments that make us who we are. 

Ultimately, I hope this column can provide us, and any future generations, with a glimpse at this Kenyon life. 


Hannah Sussman ’25 is a columnist at the Collegian. She is a sociology major from Glencoe, Il. She can be reached at


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