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A note to students to start the semester: You are loved

Kenyon students need to hear this more: You are loved.

As a College, we focus so much on what’s ahead that we never realize how far we have come as students. As the semester begins, it’s important to take a moment and reflect on the achievements of each class thus far.

First-year students: You endured your first semester — one full of uncertainty alongside the struggles of transitioning into college.

Sophomores: After spending a little less than a year away from the Hill, you all came back stronger than ever, picking up where you left off. You joined clubs and organizations, took leadership and created new spaces.

Juniors: This may have not been the college experience you were expecting, but you’re here now making the most of it. So while it feels that our years here have been cut short, know that you have succeeded in keeping the beautiful traditions of Kenyon alive while also navigating the world we live in.

Seniors: You’ve made it to your final year at Kenyon. It’s been a long journey, but you’ve made it on your own and you’ve worked tirelessly to make sure the Kenyon of old never died. While there may have been moments where you’ve wanted to give up, you didn’t. That’s something to take immense pride in.

From one Kenyon student to another, I thank you all for making this place a home for me — a home I wish to continue to help grow for years to come. To that end, I would then like to say: You are loved.

If you are an art major who has worked tirelessly in Horvitz to finish a project, you are loved. If you are a CA, or any student worker for that matter, who actively serves your community, you are loved. If you help promote programming for students to go to and actively try to make campus a more lively place, you are loved. If you’ve been the friend who has sat there on the Middle Path benches and listened to your friends’ struggles with an open heart and mind, you are loved. If you have tirelessly been on your grind to make the most out of your college experience, you are loved.

February is coming and around this time, most Kenyon students begin to feel fatigued and more and more stressed. While I am unable to directly relieve that pain, let this letter be a message to you all: Know that you are loved and tell yourself that from time to time. Love is very powerful. 

When you say you are loved, let it both be an inward affirmation and an outward acceptance of the achievements that you’ve made over the course of your time at Kenyon.

I wish you well this semester and I hope to see you around.


You are loved.



Bijan Khaghani ’23

Bijan Khaghani ’23 is a sociology major from Chicago, Ill. He can be reached at 

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