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Dear Class of 2025 and transfer students,

Welcome to Kenyon. This year is unlike any other in our school’s storied history. After over a year and a half of COVID-19-related constraints in Gambier and across the world, we have returned to the Hill with new understandings of what is possible and a deep gratitude for the college experience we know and love.

As strange as this transition may be for you, the entire student body is beginning this semester on similar footing. This semester, Gambier will be home to more students than ever before, with the majority of us meeting each other for the first time.

Living on the Hill is an adjustment — it is no easy task to leave behind all that you have known. We urge you to lean into this moment, as you will never experience anything quite like your first few weeks at Kenyon. The College provides tremendous opportunities for you to grow both in intellect and character. This is the time and place to try the things you did not have the ability to experience in high school. As small as this community is, there is bound to be someone else here excited to explore what you are passionate about. Your ideas of the world and the things that matter most to you will evolve as you transition into this new stage of your life, and throughout your college career.

We are excited to welcome you into our dining hall, classrooms, fields and dormitories. Thousands of like-minded individuals have walked these paths before and many more will follow as our community continues to grow. Kenyon will truly be what you make of it, embrace the difficulties ahead of you and watch as you change throughout your journey in Gambier. Look around: The people walking past your windows are not only your new peers and neighbors, but will become some of your greatest inspirations, confidants and lifelong friends.


With love, 

The Collegian Executive Staff

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