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Mae Hunt: The former Collegian executive staff bids farewell

By the time I learned I would be serving as the editor-in-chief of the Collegian, the world was already in a state of panic. Nobody knows how to respond to a pandemic, and, like countless other groups on campus, the Collegian had to adapt. For the first time ever, we started reporting early in the summer. We transitioned to a digital publishing format and, for the fall semester, carried out the production process entirely over Zoom. I am proud of how our team adjusted to these difficult changes. 

I am also proud of the work we accomplished this year, especially covering large stories like the College’s response to COVID-19 and the rise of K-SWOC. I believe we provided some clarity to the community during these difficult times, and as a result, I am pleased with my tenure as editor-in-chief. 

However, I would be lying if I said that some things I witnessed this year weren’t troubling. The College’s often questionable COVID-19 policies and treatment of student workers has resulted in nearly nonexistent levels of trust between the student body and the administration. I hope this trust can be rebuilt, but it won’t happen if the administration continuously fails to address students’ needs and concerns. Something desperately needs to change for the sake of the community everyone claims to care about. In the future, I hope the Collegian will continue to hold authority figures accountable. 

I am well aware that the Collegian isn’t perfect. We are students; we are learning and we make mistakes. However, our principles are firm and our intention is always to serve our peers. Crafting and producing this paper often feels like a thankless job, but our passion for keeping our community informed and connected keeps us working hard and staying up late into the night, week after week. 

I cannot thank my hardworking, talented staff enough. Not only did they step up to the plate in every way, but they also provided a much-needed sense of community at a time when feelings of social isolation were more prevalent than ever. I know they will do amazing work next year. The truth is in good hands. 

I firmly believe that good journalism is needed now more than ever. Kenyon may be a bubble, but it is no exception. 


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