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Despite a tough semester, we’ve made it through together

This academic year has been an immense challenge. However, as we near the end of the semester, Kenyon students, faculty and staff should take a moment to congratulate themselves. Despite the difficulties of the pandemic — both personal and communal — we have persevered. We were able to do so because we have not only taken care of ourselves, but cared for each other. 

In a staff editorial published in December, we encouraged community members to keep the compassionate habits fostered in the fall, even as the pandemic receded. The community has continued this work, and it is at least in part because of it that we’ve managed to keep cases under control and made it possible for us to remain on campus for the entirety of the spring semester. 

So, in our penultimate editorial as the executive staff of the Collegian, we want to say one last thank you to the people who contributed to making Kenyon home this semester. 

As students, we are incredibly grateful for the work our professors have put in to make our educational experience as meaningful as possible despite the circumstances. Whether remote or in person, this semester’s classes were unconventional, and together we made it work. 

We are also grateful for the Kenyon staff  — from custodial workers to AVI employees to administrative assistants — who have worked tirelessly throughout the semester, in unconventional and undesirable situations, to keep our community running as smoothly as possible. We also would like to thank the many administrators who ensured that our campus remained a safe place to live and study for both the fall and spring. 

And finally, thank you to the students, who, even through a dozen full weeks of classes, have maintained the community spirit — sponsoring cultural events, delivering meals to students in quarantine, fighting for the rights of student workers — and in doing so, have kept Kenyon, Kenyon.

When we look back on this semester, we will undoubtedly remember the challenges; but we must also not forget how we became more compassionate in the midst of an isolating time. That’s no small feat, and the strides that our community has made to strengthen connections must not be lost next year. 

The staff editorial is written weekly by editors-in-chief  Mae Hunt ’21 and  Evey Weisblat ’21, managing editor Jackson Wald ’22 and executive director Elizabeth Stanley ’21. You can contact them at,, and, respectively.

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