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Letter to the editor: Kenyon Fund is all-encompassing

Dear Editors,

As officers of the Kenyon Fund Executive Committee (KFEC), we appreciate the opportunity to dispel some common misconceptions about the vital role alumni giving plays for the College that appeared within the original version of the article “K-SWOC urges alumni boycott.” Most notable is that gifts to the Kenyon Fund are, in fact, the best way to support today’s students — including scholarships and financial aid. Furthermore, alumni gifts to the Kenyon Fund can be designated for specific groups such as underrepresented students (Lowry Scholarship) and first-generation students (Hannah More Scholarship) as well as general scholarship support and other causes or — to correct the article — “special” interests at Kenyon, including green initiatives or mental health resources. (A full list can be found at

These annual fund gifts make up 5% of the College’s operating budget each year. This year, nearly $44 million — or almost 27% — of that budget goes to financial aid. 

Kenyon is extremely fortunate to have alumni in the position to make major gifts to the College for capital projects or endowed scholarships. We volunteer with KFEC because we understand that giving at all levels provides funds that directly allow the College to provide for the needs of the current student body including — most importantly — financial aid.

There are no doubt many causes worthy of support today. But when we look at our own lives and the immeasurable positive impact Kenyon had upon them, we want to do all we can to ensure that current and future students are able to forge those same close connections with professors, make lifetime friendships in residence halls and ignite the passions that they’ll take with them after life on the Hill. We encourage all our fellow alumni who are in a position to do so to join us in supporting the Kenyon Fund today.


Maraleen Shields ’00 

Chair, KFEC

Kyle Laux ’03 

Past Chair, KFEC

Rebecca Hoyt ’99 

Class Agent Chair, KFEC

Katie Goldman ’16

Member, KFEC

Lizzy Siphron ’17

Member, KFEC

Editors’ Note: The article “K-SWOC urges alumni boycott” has since been corrected and updated online to accurately reflect the distribution of funds within the Kenyon Fund. 



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