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Kenyon Urban Dictionary


Nickname for Kenyon’s President, Sean Decatur. This nickname gives him the essence of being chill, cool or hip. We get to use this nickname because we go to a liberal arts school where we have these tight-knit relationships with our faculty and staff. You get it.


That Mexican restaurant. Typically paired with the question: “Anyone know when it’s going to open?”


Stands for the North Campus Apartments. These are the white houses that students flock to on Fridays and Saturdays, looking for the “lax house,” “baseball house” or some other party location. Sometimes fun, usually disappointing.

Kenyon Married:

While there are different interpretations, this typically means two people who are in a sustainable relationship, or anything besides just hooking up. So the bar for being Kenyon Married is pretty low.


Kenyon’s one and only dining hall. The beauty is that since there is only one dining hall, you see everyone you know when you go there. So fun! And the drawback is that, when you go there, you see everyone you know. There is a 120 percent chance that if you are trying to avoid someone, you will run into them at Peirce.


The ADs’ social space, sometimes referred to as “The Ganter.” Ganter parties are known at Kenyon for actually being really fun. If you’re lucky, a visit to the Ganter may transport you to an alternate universe where you attended The Ohio State University. You might even find yourself starting to talk about football. The Ganter does crazy things to Kenyon students.


Short for Campus Police. But they aren’t like any regular Campus Police; they are cool Campus Police. So we call them by a silly, quirky nickname. We love Campo. Campo likes us a normal amount.


Short for the Morgan Apartments. Wish I could tell you where they are.


Black cat that can always be found strutting around campus. He easily has a larger fanbase than the Kenyon football team.

Old Side:

The side of Peirce that looks like Hogwarts, dominated by sports teams and Greek Life. If you are not a member of a group with a specific table, entering Old Side brings an immediate fear of whose bench you might be sitting on. Will the lacrosse team swarm at any moment? Am I accidentally bombarding the track table? Taking on Old Side is a true test of bravery.

New Side:

The other side of Peirce.


Stands for Kenyon Athletic Center. A beautiful space to work out, where the sports teams practice in the weight room and other people hide on yoga mats in the corner. The best part about the KAC is that once you walk there, you’ve gotten enough of a workout that you can just turn around and go home.

The KAT:

Stands for Knox Area Transit. This shuttle is like a bad one night stand: You try it as a first year and think it will be fun, but you always end up in the wrong place, not quite sure how you got there, feeling a little nauseous and full of regret. This shuttle is very reliable in the sense that it will always, without fail, leave you stranded at the Mount Vernon Walmart.

The Pit:

Houses our mascots, the Cranes.


Trying to be the library but not doing a good job. Sometimes people will print there. In case you didn’t know where to find these, all you need to know is that they are the ugly trailer- like things on campus. Someone sign them up for Queer Eye.


The library.

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