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Ken Harbaugh deserves the attention of Ohio’s 7th District

Since the beginning of 2018, U.S. congressional candidate Ken Harbaugh has hosted or attended more than 100 free public events to speak with voters in every part of our district. How many such events has our current congressman Bob Gibbs advertised in that same amount of time? The number can be counted on one hand.

As Harbaugh often says, the word “present” is in the word “representative.” In the eight years that Gibbs has been the congressman for Ohio’s 7th Congressional District, he certainly has not been present or accessible to his constituents. When asked to hold a proper town hall for constituents, Gibbs would only agree to answer questions via a Facebook Live “town hall.” He has made little effort to seek voter feedback and has not agreed to a debate with Harbaugh. Gibbs went to Washington and people here in Ohio have hardly seen him since.

Fortunately, we have an opportunity to elect someone who will truly represent us in Washington: Harbaugh. While Gibbs takes his voters for granted, Harbaugh has been holding town halls and going door-to-door across our district to ask voters about the issues that are most important to us. While Gibbs lines his pockets with huge donations from corporate PACs, Harbaugh relies on individual donations. Harbaugh is committed to fighting for affordable health care and high-quality education, investing in renewable energy, combating the opioid epidemic and ensuring that Ohioans have access to jobs that pay a living wage.

Harbaugh graduated from Yale Law School and flew reconnaissance missions as a Navy pilot for nine years before becoming president of Team Rubicon Global, a disaster-relief organization that has helped train over 50,000 veteran and civilian volunteers to respond to natural disasters around the world. Recently, Team Rubicon helped families after the hurricanes in Houston and Puerto Rico. In the latest chapter of his service-oriented career, Harbaugh is now running for Congress so that he can help fix the political disaster in Washington.

His two campaign slogans, “Country above party” and “Service before self,” reflect Harbaugh’s promise to always pursue what is best for our nation and for Ohio. We need a leader and public servant like him to represent us in Washington, but the only way he will get elected is if we get involved.

Ken Harbaugh is the right choice for Ohio’s 7th congressional district, and there is too much at stake to sit on the sidelines. Volunteer for his campaign, register to vote by Oct. 9 and show up to the polls come election day. Let’s help him win on Nov. 6.

Schuyler Stupica ’19 is an international studies major from Sylvania, Ohio. She worked as a field fellow for the Harbaugh campaign this past summer, and she is currently the campus organizer for the campaign. You can contact her at


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