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Letter to the Editor: Middle Path flowers

Dear Editor:

Where are the flowers of yesteryear? We had beautiful gardens downtown on Middle Path filled with daffodils, tulips, lilies and many other flowers. The trees held tiny white lights which were put up at Christmas and kept until graduation. Now we have plants that look like weeds in a barren space. This is an improvement?

And the beautiful and rare ginkgo trees on Ward Street which were yellow and arching over the road in the fall have been cut down. Those trees were trimmed every year by the electric company, but still they were lovely. Ginkgoes don’t grow in the wild anymore and were saved from extinction by Chinese gardeners.

And while I’m complaining, the land around the Delts fraternity is littered with trash. Beer cans and bottles are dropped as the gentlemen “make their weaving way home.”


Joyce Klein


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