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Trump’s policies perforate the Kenyon bubble, and we must pay attention

While the “swamp” may seem hundreds of miles away, the Trump administration again took aim at college campuses across the nation with the decision to rescind Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) on Sept. 5.

In this divisive political climate, college campuses (and college students) hold more responsibility than ever to remain cognizant of current events. Whether it’s through reading The New York Times over breakfast in Peirce or by consuming media online, it’s important for us to stay informed.

Tuning into the various available media outlets can be a double-edged sword. Although there are numerous reliable sources  that detail the nuances of Trump’s policy changes, it’s not the most popular representation of events.

Viewers of The Daily Show and CNN tune in for tales of Trump’s antics. Trump can be funny and weirdly magnetic. It’s hard to look away and it’s easy to toss off jokes about his childish proclivities.

Yet it’s important to understand that his policies, and the actions the departments under his jurisdiction, like the Departments of Justice and Education, affect life on this hill. When he threatens the identities of our students, the implications are far more cutting than the latest development in #Russiagate — the scandal surrounding the Trump campaign’s ties to alleged efforts by the Russian government to influence the outcome of the 2016 election — or whether Trump spends too much time at his own golf course.

Engaging in criticism of Trump tht is specific and informed is equally important. Sometimes we are prone to general complaints about this administration — ourselves included at the Collegian — while we let the nitty gritty of their various political maneuvers pass us by.

The bombast and showmanship that have characterized the first nine months of Trump’s presidency must not distract us from the reality of his policies. We should always employ a critical eye when reading or consuming information about these policies and hold those politicians responsible for these policies accountable.

By rolling back DACA, the Trump administration threatens students on this campus. Federal policy governs a surprising amount of what occurs at colleges across the nation. Even though Kenyon is a private institution, our students are still directly impacted by these decisions.

It’s our responsibility to pay attention, and it’s our responsibility to support these students as best we can. 

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