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Letter to the editors: On new bike lanes

I wanted to alert the Kenyon community to the new shared lane markings, also known as “sharrows,” that are appearing on Gambier’s streets. The sharrow design is of a chevron above and a bicycle image below. During the spring, I encouraged Village Council to utilize sharrows as a way of encouraging good cycling behavior and fostering awareness on the part of motorists. Sharrows reinforce the legitimacy of law-abiding cyclists on our streets. By encouraging proper placement within the lane, the sharrows improve upon the safety aspects of cycling within the Village.

Bicycles are considered vehicles, and cyclists are expected to obey traffic laws in Ohio. This includes traveling with traffic in the right-hand lane. While the sharrows do not equate to bike lanes, the placement of the design on the streets is meant to properly position cyclists within that lane. As can be seen in the picture, this sharrow is positioned away from the likely impact zone that would happen when a potentially oblivious driver opens a vehicle door. Sharrows also encourage safe passing behaviors by motorists. Readers will also note sharrow placement for cyclists so that they can better navigate the many descent/ascent zones within Gambier.

Kenyon and the Gambier community are linked to the cycling community at large. As a cyclist, I encourage Kenyon students to explore the area on bikes. The Kokosing Gap Trail (KGT) as well as the Heart of Ohio and Mohican Valley trails offer a good first step in discovering Knox County. These trails combine to form part of the ever-improving Ohio-to-Erie bicycle Route 1 that runs from Cincinnati to Cleveland. From the KGT, it is possible to travel to neighboring counties and cities, including Millersburg to the northeast and Columbus to the southwest.

Jim Dunham

Wiggin Street, Gambier


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