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Letter to the Editor: Divest Kenyon

To the Editor:

Today, Thursday, April 6th, a group of Kenyon students continue to build momentum for DivestKenyon, whose mission is to convince Kenyon to clear our endowment investments of fossil fuels and pledge to never invest in private prisons. Today, four students drench themselves in waste to symbolize big oil’s pervasive threat. Other students wear a stamped footprint, expressing the unaddressed destruction that the fossil fuel industry creates and walks away from, only to harm again. By placing ourselves at the entrance of Peirce Hall during lunch time, we visually disrupt the passive and routinized characteristic of our campus bubble, offering both a reminder and an opportunity to engage. Students ought to know that our school invests in a system that denigrates democracy and thrives off of systemic oppression, funding an industry that walks all over the disadvantaged and marginalized. We don’t have to stand idly by as our school perpetuates injustice. We have a choice.

This week, students across the state are conducting similar demonstrations as part of a larger Divest Ohio movement. We are alive, we are active, and we are organizing. We will emerge again soon, in larger numbers, to ask the trustees to divest from fossil fuels.

Today, we hold more than just signs and we speak more than just words. Today, DivestKenyon is building power and we are igniting change. Donald Trump continues to threaten all that this country and campus are meant to uphold. How can a school support the healthy growth of its students while profiting from systems of exploitation and oppression? Do not let Kenyon continue funding a system that awarded Donald Trump the presidency. DivestKenyon wants to hear from you, from all students. We resist today. Will you resist tomorrow?

#DivestOhio #SaveTheWayne #NoNexus

In Solidarity,


Teahelahn Keithrafferty, Yoobin Han, Zak Young, Flynn Shannon, Emma Schurink Sarah Grace Spurgin, Katherine King, Schuyler Stupica, Matt Meyers, Emily Barton, Carley Townsend


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