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To increase editorial transparency, the debut of a new column

During Winter Break, the executive editors of the Collegian discussed ways we can make our newspaper more inclusive and diverse.

Buoyed by this aspiration to represent everyone who, at any point, calls Gambier home, we introduced a new columnist position. In line with our increased emphasis on outreach and dialogue, we also conceived a new column to complement the addition of regular columnists to our ranks. Drawing inspiration from the Public Editor column of The New York Times, we launched “Editors’ Corner,” a space where our editors will discuss the inner workings of the Collegian. To put it simply, we’ll tell you how and why we do what we do.

For far too long, the Collegian has been an ivory tower of sorts, out of touch with its readership. It’s a pattern that many editors have attempted to break, but it’s never endured lasting (or, some might say, any) success. As Editor-in-Chief, I’m naturally proud of what we accomplish at the base of Peirce tower each week. But I think we can always be more transparent about our editorial process, and make bolder attempts to initiate two-way conversations with our readers. These columns will always have an editor’s name attached to it, because we want to encourage ongoing conversations. I’m not sure yet how this column will manifest, because each editor will make the space their own, but I hope it starts an important dialogue with our community about how we can do our work better. We aim to hold Kenyon accountable, so we need to hold ourselves accountable too.

As part of that effort, we want to hold you accountable. We only have two columnists right now — two students who have previously written for our Opinions section — but it is our goal that we can develop a team of columnists that represents all corners of campus and all the people who inhabit them.

If you’re someone who thinks the Collegian could do a better job of representing you, we’re hoping the new columnist position can be part of the solution. We encourage anyone and everyone to apply for the position, because we’re counting on you to help us make these pages a platform for you and your voice. There’s no limit to what you can write about, as long as it involves Kenyon in some capacity, and the position is open to all students, employees of the College and local residents.

Send us an email at and tell us what you want to write about. And if the columnist position doesn’t attract you, our inbox is always open to op-ed submissions and letters to the editor.

Help make us better, and let us serve you as best we can. We’re looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

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