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Peirce Pub may not be Cove 2.0, but fills an important role

In case you haven’t checked your emails or social media accounts, Peirce Pub opened this past weekend. Since February 2016, Kenyon nightlife has felt the absence of a local bar — until now. Let me be clear, Peirce Pub is not a reincarnation of the Cove (known formally as the Gambier Grill). There are significant differences between the two establishments. Nevertheless, the Pub is a step in the right direction for improving student life and safety.

I know what you’re thinking. Safety? Really? Hear me out.

Let’s go back to the Cove era. It’s a Friday night, and you’re out with your friends having a great time. Maybe you’re at an all-campus party at Old K or a small gathering at a New Apt. The clock strikes midnight, and someone yells “Cove O’Clock!” An exodus of partygoers makes its way to the Cove. You step inside and are greeted by the familiar scent of mac and cheese wedges, pitchers of beer and the sound of “Wagon Wheel” by Old Crow Medicine Show.

This idealized version of the Cove doesn’t address its most important role. Nevertheless, the Cove offered a post-party destination: a meeting spot where friends could recap the night and ensure they were safe before heading home. The Cove was not just a place for college student antics and debauchery. I believe Cove O’Clock actually prevented risky situations and morning-after regrets.

The Cove also provided a food delivery service that stayed open until 2 a.m. While the Village Inn is another late-night alternative, its kitchen closes at 10 p.m., and it functions more as a restaurant than a college bar. Last semester’s lack of an on-campus, late-night food option was not only inconvenient, but dangerous for students who drank on an empty stomach.

Peirce Pub is not Cove 2.0. It’s located in the basement of Peirce, run by AVI staff and is only open on Friday and Saturday nights until 1 a.m. On the other hand, underage students are actually welcome at the Pub. The Cove (technically) catered to students who were 21 and over, excluding a large portion of the student body. The Pub also offers students more agency than the Cove. We have more decision-making power and the opportunity to provide feedback to the administration.In the future, students may be able to use the space for events such as concerts and themed parties.

Most importantly, a post-party destination is now available and mac and cheese wedges live on. I say we give it a chance. Cherish your memories of the Cove. May it rest in peace — and let’s celebrate the dawn of a new era.


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