Section: Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editors

To the editors:

Recent articles in the Collegian have sparked discussions about the future of Sunset Cottage. I understand that alumni and students feel passionate about Sunset and the role it has played in their college experiences, so I want to clarify where we are in conversations about the building.

Having an accessible facility that meets the academic needs of the faculty and students of the English department is a priority, and Sunset Cottage cannot be renovated to meet these needs.  Planning for a new English building (or buildings) is underway. We will submit a proposal on this project to the Board of Trustees at their fall meeting next month. For now, and until a new English building is approved and completed, the English Department will continue to reside in Sunset Cottage.

The future of Sunset Cottage after the anticipated relocation of the English department has not yet been determined. In the spring, the Board will consider a new library as the beginning of a future West Quad, which will inform any decisions regarding Sunset Cottage. Development of the quad, as outlined in the 2014 Master Plan, would require either moving or demolishing Sunset. Until those plans have been fully considered and approved by the Board, no immediate decisions can be made about Sunset. I encourage those with questions or concerns to share them using the form at

Yours truly,

Sean Decatur, President


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