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Spurning Kenyon Fund punishes future students

To the editors:

Matthew Eley ’15 urges seniors who haven’t already given to the Kenyon Fund not to do so. He believes holding donations hostage is the best way for students to have their voices heard. Needless to say, he has a target audience: There have been students this year who have felt that they have not been included in some decision-making processes that affect their lives in Gambier. When it comes to the Master Plan, some students, myself included, are not happy about aspects. That being said, it is important to realize that with time, every educational institution has to adapt, not purely for the sake of keeping up with enrollment and competition, but also to maintain something more valuable than brick and mortar. Eley needs to realize Kenyon belongs not only to those who have already graduated, but also to those who will make Gambier their home in years to come. And a great many of those future students won’t be able to attend Kenyon if the Kenyon Fund is negatively affected.

The Kenyon Fund enables students from all nooks and crannies of the world to attend classes in Ascension and conduct research in Hayes. It allows Kenyon to invest in academics and retain the exceptional faculty we have. So while I sympathize with Eley that he won’t be able to buy fried pickles from the Cove after getting drunk during his five-year reunion, it doesn’t justify trying to affect the Kenyon Fund. Besides, I trust my fellow seniors to decide for themselves whether they should donate.

Manjul Bhusal Sharma ’16


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