Dear Editors,

I’d like to add some points to your informative article, “Obamacare in Knox County” (January 29, 2015).

Obamacare benefits all Americans by stopping denial of coverage for “preexisting conditions.” To recall what “preexisting” was like, go see the Michael Moore film, Sicko.

Obamacare also limits the annual increase of insurance cost. Nevertheless, some individuals have to pay more because their previous quality of coverage was poor, and because people lack access to insurance navigators to find the best price. The Republican leaders of Ohio have done everything they can to block success of Obamacare by refusing to hire navigators, and refusing to publicize help for the health exchange.

Your article cites a retired professor who feels inconvenienced. However, before Obamacare, some of your Kenyon professors could not afford to retire because we support family members who were incapable of getting their own insurance. Thanks to Obamacare, we will be able to retire some day.


Joan Slonczewski

Professor of Biology


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