Section: Editorial

Staff Editorial: BFC not to blame

Despite the large discrepancy between the money awarded to student organizations and the total amount they requested, the BFC is laregly not too blame, for two reasons.

First, organizations often ask for more money than they need. This strategy isn’t vain considering that last April organizations asked for less funding, and thus, asking for more money turned out to be in organizations’ favor.

Second, there are hundreds of interests one could have but the 120 student organizations on campus do not all represent distinct passions. For example, La Tertulia and ADELANTE are both groups that promote important Latin American culture and have the opportunity to combine their efforts and reach a greater audience. There are also many organizations that most people have never heard of, such as Transition Mission and the Humanist Association at Kenyon, because student organizations are not required to host a certain number of events or meetings each semester, unlike Greek organizations or theme housing. Student Council should begin insisting upon a certain level of involvement each semester so that money can be consolidated and organizations can have a bigger impact on campus.


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