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Staff editorial: Safety is a good buy

Another flurry of elections awaits us next week on Nov. 4, when Gambier residents will turn out to vote in Ohio’s gubernatorial race as well as a bevy of district races. Voters often express disinterest in local elections. Although such elections do not generally command the large headlines that national elections do, local elections matter. Gambier is no exception.

Next Tuesday, you will find an issue on all College Township ballots that directly affects an integral part of Gambier and Kenyon College: a levy for the fire and emergency services. Scarcely a day goes by that we are not reminded of the department’s usefulness by the sound of sirens.

A common complaint about levies is that the funds go to waste in a slough of bureaucracy, but even a passing familiarity with the team detailed in last week’s article, “Who You Gonna Call? Kenyon Firefighters,” would indicate that the money is well-spent. Since the volunteer group of students and local residents receive no compensation for their services, funds  from the levy will go only to maintenance of equipment and the station.

The proposed tax levy, an increase of $.125 per $100 of valuation, is a meager sum compared to immense gain the community receives for the department’s existence: peace of mind at most times and safety in the hardest, not to mention the increased property values that come with a competent emergency services provider. Vote “yes.”


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