Dear Collegian and student body,

The Business and Finance Committee (BFC) is happy to announce the approval (through Student Council) of a new by-law with regards to our funding process. The creation of By-Law 25 provides the BFC the ability to assist student organizations in their fundraising efforts through a loan program. Previously, the committee was limited to only funding all-campus fundraising events (e.g., Relay for Life) without the ability to help groups with the front-end expenses of direct fundraising efforts (e.g., selling T-shirts or other items) that directly benefit the group or a charitable organization. Through the program, groups can apply as a part of the normal supplemental funding process for a short-term loan. The BFC now has the opportunity to provide the initial capital to fund a fundraising event. Following the fundraiser, the group will then return the initial amount to the BFC and keep all revenue above that initial amount (i.e., profits). The BFC is excited about this new opportunity to provide groups another avenue to be able to raise funds themselves, as well as provide goods and programming to the campus.


Kenyon College Student Treasurers

Peter Lind ’15 and Garrett Stalker ’15


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