Section: Opinion

Equality Starts Here

Staff Editorial

At Kenyon, the socioeconomic divide is something that most acknowledge, yet it continues to elude attention. The dialogue that has taken place on campus has illuminated the genuine impressions of inequality felt by some. But it has also revealed a divide caused by hasty conclusions drawn on equally baseless assumptions of a person’s economic status.

No matter our class background, it is imperative that we recognize we are equal as Kenyon students. While socioeconomic inequality will remain for the foreseeable future, Kenyon must continue taking steps to ensure that these differences do not translate to inequality in the eyes of the College. We are off to a good start with the introduction of fair housing prices in the North Campus Apartments and aid for unpaid internships.

But other inequalities still remain in the College’s infrastructure: art and science classes with additional costs are often inhibitive to low-income students, and going to Mount Vernon for any class work is inconvenient for those without their own transportation. We look forward to the College addressing these issues — but the true burden of effort toward community, in spite of inequality, lies squarely upon the students of  Kenyon.


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