Section: Opinion

Quick Complaints

“The inner KAC doors have handles I
always pull even though they’re ‘push.’”
– John Rancatore ’14

“Student loans.”
-Tracy Curtin ’14

“No one is getting a yearbook besides me.” – Jenny Osman ’14

“It’s snowing again.”
– Greg Culley ’14

“Why have I never been asked for a quick complaint before?”
– Rachel Cunningham ’14

“None of my complaints are quick.”
– Shelby Green ’14

“Evangelical Christianity.”
– Eliza Blum ’15

“Housing can suck my finook.”
– Adam Zaremsky ’15

“It’s getting colder again and the lemon slices in Peirce are getting smaller.”
– Gracie Gardner ’16 and
Milad Momeni ’16

“Just because you can’t count it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t count.”
– Nikhil Idnani ’14

“It is cold again.”
– Drew Hogan ’15

“My cold won’t go away.”
– Laura Langner ’16

“Why are they practicing paving Middle Path? Just do it — commit.”
– Aaron Dripps ’14

“Too many snowflakes, not enough alcohol.”
– Patience Fairbrother ’14 and
Ally Schmaling ’14

“Thomas/New Side is all wrong.”
– Erin Ginsburg ’15

“The printer in the music building still isn’t working.”
– Julia Morris ’15

“At the salad bar when the cheese gets into the raisins.”
– Xavier Pugliese ’15

“February. Also, Anarchy mode does not get anything done in Twitch Plays Pokémon.”
– Daniel Rasch ’14

“Lids to the soup containers always fall into the soup and never stay on properly.”
– Tracy Chmiel ’17

“In our Tea and Opium seminar, we only drink tea and never get to smoke opium.”
– Jeremy Peck ’14 and Anna Bammerlin ’14

“Peirce tables.”
– Eddie Baxter ’15

“My professors are too nice and care too much about my well-being.”
-Peter Birren ’15


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