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Student Council holds last meeting of 2023-24 school year

Student Council held its final meeting of the 2023-24 academic year on Sunday. The agenda was full of housekeeping items, primarily surrounding events taking place during the last weeks of the school year, approvals of Student Council bylaw amendments and provisions surrounding plans for the fall semester.

Following last week’s penultimate Student Council meeting where both the 2023-24 and 2024-25 Councils were in attendance, the new Council flew solo, further solidifying the transition of power in preparation for the new academic year. Also in attendance were Campus Senate co-Chair Cooper Bertschi ’26 and representatives from other student organizations such as Social Board Representative Chloe Goldstein ’25 and current Safety and Wellness Committee chair Leah Kessler ’24.

Kessler discussed ongoing campus initiatives to improve student life, including the ‘Games and Grub’ event, which will take place on Thursday at Gund Commons, the final KenyonFit classes offered through May 10 and over 70 acts of kindness shared with the Student Council and celebrated through the ‘Caught You in the Act (Of Kindness)’ initiative. Kessler also commended newly elected Safety and Wellness chair Madelin Vandeberg ’25, who held the position in the fall 2023 semester, for the competence and passion she will bring to the committee.

Recently elected Buildings, Grounds and Sustainability Committee chair Abby Warshauer ’27 discussed the results of a meeting held with current Committee chair Isa Braun ’26. Warshauer recommended clothing swaps and dorm sales to the student body in order to reduce waste as the academic year comes to an end, and also outlined a greater need for sustainability education among incoming students in orientation to preserve campus cleanliness during their initial adjustment period. 

The First-Year Class Committee (FYCC) saw five member positions added to the Committee for future academic years, bringing total membership up to 12. These members will act as first-year representatives on the committees for Student Life; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Housing and Dining; Safety and Wellness and Buildings, Grounds and Sustainability. The hope is that adding these additional positions will increase first-year engagement with the Student Council, as well as improve freshman class cohesion by counterbalancing the five dorm representatives.

Finally, last week’s proposed amendment to the bylaws surrounding the Fun Funds was reintroduced. Organizations are now allotted three requests as opposed to two. Additional debate surrounding whether the Fun Fund limit of $500 per request should be replaced with a greater semesterly limit was tabled for next year. After the amendment was signed, the Student Council officially adjourned for the last time of the semester, wishing the whole student body well on their final exams and projects.


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