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Greek Council to be restructured as departmental entity

Greek Council will return under a new structure with nine new positions in fall 2024. The Office of Student Engagement (OSE) is implementing new changes that will split Greek Council into four sections: three separate branches for sororities, fraternities and societies, as well as a President Council. The new structure will transform Greek Council into a departmental entity rather than a student organization, meaning it will now be officially affiliated with the school. 

The three organization-related branches will be made up of elected delegates. Each branch will be responsible for its own recruitment policies, programming, education and general governance. The President Council will consist of the three presidents of the organization-related branches and each Greek organization’s president, and will have all of the responsibilities that Greek Council currently has. For the time being, the society council will only be made up of the Archon Society.  

Currently, Greek Council is only loosely affiliated with OSE, receiving less College oversight, intervention and support than it will after these changes. “The former structure of the Greek Council was going to continue to be a barrier for the expansion of Greek Life at Kenyon,” Director of Student Engagement Caleb Young, current staff advisor to the Greek Council and the primary force behind the Council’s restructuring, wrote in an email to the Collegian.

According to Young, these changes were an inevitability for Greek Council since the introduction of Delta Delta Delta (Tri Delta) earlier this semester: “As part of the process for bringing in [Tri Delta] during the fall of 2023, it was communicated to Greek Council, and to the voting representatives prior to the vote to formally approve Tri Delta, that bringing the chapter to Kenyon would necessitate a restructuring of Greek Council at Kenyon at some point in the future.” The restructuring was based on suggestions gathered from a survey of current Greek Council members. 

Though the changes are supported by OSE, Greek Council President William Wilson ’25 took issue with the way Young went about these changes. “These changes — and ones similar to it — are presented under the guise of equity and concern for student life, yet they continuously disregard student decision making,” Wilson wrote in an email to the Collegian.  “We were not allowed to vote on the restructure. Originally, we were told that a vote would be held. Upon further inquiry, we were notified that, if the vote produced a ‘no’ result (that is, no to the restructure), the changes would still be made.” He also expressed frustration with the communication with Young. “Across the board, I believe that changes such as these are emblematic of unnecessary administrative oversight at Kenyon,” Wilson said. 

Young responded to the claim that OSE neglected student input by saying, “Student Engagement originally proposed an all Greek chapter voting process to finalize and enact the structure, but the current leaders of Greek Council did not think that was needed due to shared understanding that a change in terms of structure needed to happen eventually as part of the expansion process of the fall semester. With that in mind, the course of action was to send the new structure to current chapters and allow for feedback before the end of the spring 2024 semester.”

Departmentalization will create greater oversight and communication between the OSE and Greek Council. “The intention is not to diminish Greek input at Kenyon, but rather to better support our Greek leaders through intentional recognition, resource and advising, and to ideally improve communication between the Greek community and the administration,” Young said.


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