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Gambier celebrates annual 43022 Day with food and fun

Gambier celebrates annual 43022 Day with food and fun

Schubel’s musical duo, These Things Too, performed at 43022 Day. | THEA MILLENSON-WILENS

On Saturday, the Village of Gambier celebrated its third annual 43022 Day on Gaskin Avenue from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. The inaugural 43022 Day was held on April 30, 2022, in celebration of the once-in-a-century date matching up with Gambier’s own zip code. Though this year’s Saturday festivities didn’t match the date of the zip code, taking place this year on April 27, the tradition has continued. 

Many students appreciated the warm, windy weather on Saturday, crowding around the tables set up on Gaskin Ave. and listening to live music from These Things Too with Professor of Religious Studies Vernon Schubel, which featured covers of the Mountain Goats, Big Thief and other popular bands. Though the breeze knocked equipment and umbrellas over multiple times, the musicians took it in stride and kept up the tunes. 

“The band was awesome,” Matthew Toth ’27 said in an interview with the Collegian. “The wind knocked the speaker down, though, and that was really hard to watch, but they recovered.” Other students felt the same way. “It was so fun, we loved the live music,” Aoife Fortuna ’27 remarked. “[These Things Too] played a lot of great songs.”

The event also boasted a charcuterie smorgasbord, with free crackers, cheeses, fruits and baked goods catered by Happy Owl Mobile Bakery and Chef Meagan’s Food Truck and Catering. There was also lemonade and ice water with lemon slices, which were refreshing on the hot day. Attendees could choose between homemade brownies, beautifully decorated mini cupcakes with flowers on top and Rice Krispies treats decorated to look like cinnamon rolls.

A number of local businesses set up tables at the event. The Weather Vane had a table on Middle Path, selling rings and a variety of clothes from their boutique just down the street. The People’s Bank was handing out flashlights, clips, tape measures and lollipops. There was also a table announcing a clothing swap at the Gambier Community Center at 115 Meadow Lane, which will take place on May 31 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Some of the tables set up also shared information about upcoming projects that will affect Gambier. One table had information about the roundabout construction at the intersection of state Route (SR) 229 (Newcastle Road) and SR 308 (W Wiggin Street), which will begin at the end of May. At another table, anyone registered to vote in Ohio could sign a petition against gerrymandering. 

There was also a face painting table which boasted designs of flowers, rainbows, Spider-Man and other drawings. The third annual 43022 Day was a resounding success.


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