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Election bylaws broken, VP for DEI awarded to 2 candidates

Positions for Student Council and Campus Senate have been finalized for the 2024-25 academic year. Hannah Sussman ’25 and Guagui Vallejos ’25 will both serve as Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) after a violation of election bylaws.

The Student Life Committee announced the final 2024-25 Student Council on April 22. Because the positions of VP for DEI and Building, Grounds and Sustainability Committee Chairperson lacked applicants in the original election, the Council held a special election on April 18 and 19. Six students ran for VP for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and three students ran for Chair of the Building, Grounds & Sustainability Committee.

Typically, committee positions are held by a single person, but Student Council chose to appoint both Sussman and Vallejos to the position of VP of DEI after a violation of election guidelines. 

According to Student Council bylaws, an individual or student organization may not endorse candidates through all-campus forms of communication such as all-student emails. On April 18, Jay Thompson ’26 sent an all-student email withdrawing his candidacy and endorsing Vallejos for the position.

“Disqualification was too severe a punishment for the violation, so we gave it to both of them,” a source close to Student Council told the Collegian. “The election was close enough that [the violation] could have made a difference.” 

In addition to Sussman and Vallejos, Abby Warshauer ’27 triumphed over two other candidates for the position of Buildings, Grounds and Sustainability Committee Chairperson. 

Students also cast their vote for Campus Senate candidates: Cooper Bertschi ’26 was reelected to the position of Campus Senate co-Chair, while Jeremiah Griffin ’27, Harrison Solomon ’26 and Peter Haas ’25 will serve as Sophomore Senator, Junior Senator and Senior Senator, respectively. 

According to Bertschi, 159 students voted in the Campus Senate election. Bertschi also shared his goals for the position in an email to the Collegian:  “After serving my second year in Senate and my first term as co-Chair, I ran for the position because I want to continue to facilitate communication between students, faculty, staff and administrators at Kenyon,” he said. “I plan to continue to work on projects spearheaded by the Student Council President and new initiatives being discussed in Senate.”

Haas also expressed his enthusiasm for the position: “I am extremely excited to represent the senior class on Campus Senate this upcoming year and I am so thankful for anyone who voted for me!”

Editor-in-Chief Audrey Baker ’25, Sports Editor Henry Brandt ’26 and Chief Copy Editor Leah Beller ’26 contributed to reporting.


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