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Village Council discusses new businesses in Farr Hall spaces

On Monday, Gambier’s Village Council met to discuss the price of fines for parking past the charging limit at electric vehicle charging stations, stricter enforcement of the Village’s food truck ordinance and two new Gambier businesses.  

The Council approved an amendment to Title VII Chapter 78 of Gambier’s Code of Ordinances concerning electric vehicle parking. The new wording states that the Village reserves the right to fine vehicle owners if their car remains in the spot for an extended period of time past full charge. Electric vehicle owners will be given a 15-minute grace period to move the car once the owner is notified of its completed charge via an app, followed by a fine of 50 cents for each additional minute past the grace period. The Council took this step in order to prevent the misuse of stations as parking spots.  

The Council again considered possible amendments to the Village’s food truck ordinance. This month, the Council was less focused on the negative economic impact on local businesses and more focused on the excess noise and light produced by the trucks. The Council wants to include wording from the Village’s noise and light ordinances in the food truck ordinance, with the intention of better informing truck owners of the rules they must follow.  

One food-truck owner in attendance noted the difficulty of keeping down the noise, as the generators used to power the trucks tend to be loud. The Council responded by suggesting that food-truck owners purchase lower-decibel generators, while acknowledging this would be of greater cost to the truck owners. The Council also admitted that the Village’s enforcement of the existing ordinance has been weak so far. Council members discussed possible solutions such as further specifying days and times in which trucks are allowed to operate, as well as harsher penalties for operators in violation of rules.  

In cooperation with Kenyon, the Council revealed plans for two new businesses on Gaskin Ave. Though exact dates have not yet been set, a salon and spa and a bakery are expected to open in the coming months. The Council also approved street closures for 43022 Day, scheduled for April 27 from 12-2 p.m. This celebration is a favorite in the Village, and the Council hopes to get as much community participation as possible. 

The next Village Council meeting will be held on May 6 at 7 p.m.


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