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Student Council discusses special elections, book club

On Sunday, Student Council met to discuss the results of the Student Council elections for the 2024-25 academic year, review a proposal for increased sustainability on campus and approve a new student organization: the Bookworms Club. 

Vice President for Student Life Taylor Womack ’24 began the meeting by announcing the results of the 2024-25 Student Council elections and congratulating the winners on their successes. In addition, Student Council will be holding a special election for the roles of Vice President for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Building, Grounds & Sustainability (BGS) Chairperson, as no one had applied for those roles. The ballot will be sent out on Thursday and will close on Friday at noon. 

Campus Senate co-Chair Cooper Bertschi ’26 updated the Council on the Senate’s last meeting of the academic year this past Thursday. The Senate voted to approve an endorsement of the Land Action and Acknowledgement statement, and they discussed AI’s importance to campus. Bertschi also reminded students that Senate elections will be held next week.

Other Council members gave updates on upcoming events: BGS Committee Chairperson Isabel Braun ’26 encouraged students to attend the “Plant a Flower” event on Monday, and Safety and Wellness Committee Chairperson Leah Kessler ’24 added that last semester’s initiative “Caught You in the Act (Of Kindness)” has started up again. Social Board Representative Chloe Goldstein ’25 encouraged students to attend Summer Sendoff on April 26, and that the headlining performance would be announced next week. On Monday, the performer was announced to be Del Water Gap. 

After officer reports, the Council discussed a proposal by eight students calling for increased sustainability for Kenyon’s building plans. The proposal, titled “Proposed Building Envelope Construction and Renovation Standards for Kenyon College,” fielded many questions from the Council about costs, bandwidth, timeline for construction and whether the standards laid out in the proposal would be possible for existing infrastructure on campus. 

Though all members of Student Council appreciated the importance of the proposal, some had comments as to the vagueness and lack of detail in the proposal. Some members recommended clarifying the document so it has increased specificity while also not taking a “one size fits all” approach. Council members also recommended adding proper citations to the document. 

After reviewing the proposal, the Council moved to approve a new student organization: the Bookworms Club. The club aims to be Kenyon’s first general book club, as opposed to other organizations that are more specific. 

“A lot of students come to Kenyon with an interest in both literature from the English department standpoint, but also literature outside of that,” Maya Sherlick ’27, the organization’s founder, said. “Our goal is to read about a book every month of the school year.”

The organization plans to charge each member $3 in annual dues, which will then be used to help members to buy the books. Some Council members had questions about whether the organization would need funding from the Business and Finance Committee, though Sherlick responded that it would be unlikely. The Council voted unanimously to approve the organization. 

Student Council will next meet Sunday at 7 p.m. in Chalmers Library room 302. All students are welcome to attend either in person or remotely. 


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