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Students arrive in style at Bond-themed First-Year Fling

Students arrive in style at Bond-themed First-Year Fling

Morganized Crime: Julia Steinman ’27, Conor Kennealy ’27, Madeleine Revzon ’27, Evan Shafer ’27, Morgan Boone ’27 and Maddie Barbar ’27 | COURTESY OF MORGAN BOONE

On Friday, under assignment from M, the class of 2027 infiltrated this year’s First-Year Fling. The event, which was run by the First-Year Class Committee (FYCC), was themed the “Bond Ball,” and featured live music and a laser maze made from string. Approximately 150 first-years took out their Aston Martin DB5s to show up, presumably after a briefing with Q. 

The event opened with a live performance by the Jazz Ensemble, followed by sets from two first-year bands, Tomorrow at Four and Morganized Crime. “The band performances were definitely the highlight of the night. We wanted [the bands] to be all freshmen so it was like a celebration of freshman talent,” Juliette Leclerc ’27, co-chair of the First-Year programming committee, said in an interview with the Collegian. After the student bands, a hired DJ came in for the rest of the night playing songs suggested by first-year students. Unfortunately, the night was cut short when problems with the sound system arose and students were sent home early. 

Apart from the music, the event included a mocktail bar and a photo booth. Unfortunately, students couldn’t serve a vodka martini shaken — not stirred. But they enjoyed the event nonetheless. Zoe Trexel ’27 attended the event and offered a positive review: “It was very nice to see everyone all dressed up and the mocktails were fun.” The event also featured a chocolate fountain with marshmallows, graham crackers, cookies and fruit, as well as dozens of strawberries decorated with miniature frosting tuxedos. 

The experience was labor-intensive for the organizing committee: Members were on site for hours before and after the ball. “I was there since 5:30 p.m. on the day setting up, and setting up took a while. All the streamers on the walls, that was me on a ladder,” Leclerc said.

“It was really sweet to see how much effort went into trying to make a night specifically for the first year class. I appreciated the photo booth with fun signs like ‘hustler’ and a hundred dollar bill,” Nina Esteghamat ’27 said. The photo booth was a big hit of the night, with groups lining up to take pics with numerous fun props. According to FYCC members, 80% of attendees showed up in formal wear, dedicated to the theme.

“I think it was a big success,” Leclerc said. “We just wanted people to have fun and to have a decent turnout of freshmen, and that’s always our goal.” 

Associate Copy Editor Erik Kim ’27 is the First-Year Class President, and News Editor Thea Millenson-Wilens ’27 is the advocacy co-chair of the First-Year Class Committee.


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