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Delta Delta Delta holds recruitment, welcomes pledge class

Delta Delta Delta holds recruitment, welcomes pledge class

Tri Delta’s inaugural pledge class at its Bid Day event | DELILAH LOCKE

Approved in January of this year, the newly established Epsilon Omega chapter of Delta Delta Delta (Tri Delta) officially welcomed its founding pledge class this past Sunday. The students who spearheaded the process of establishing a new sorority chapter on Kenyon’s campus — Maddie Buckwalter ’26, Joy Carstanjen ’26, Sydney May ’26 and Delilah Locke ’26 — initiated the change in order to expand Greek life options for female-identifying students on campus. 

“One of the main reasons that Delilah, Sydney, Joy and I began on this journey a year ago to bring a new Greek org to Kenyon was because of the ever-present need for growth of Greek life on Kenyon’s campus,” Buckwalter wrote in an email to the Collegian. “With the growing first-year enrollment, there is a growing interest in participating in Greek life at Kenyon that current organizations cannot fully cater toward given their capacities. Thus, with the addition of Tri Delta to Kenyon’s campus, we are able to compensate for the growing student interest as an additional option for those who wish to be a part of Greek life at Kenyon.”

Due to the timeline of the chapter’s approval, Tri Delta recruitment was informal this year, taking place after Kenyon’s traditional rush week. Tri Delta senior chapter development consultant Erin Magner ran a table in the Peirce Dining Hall atrium and held coffee dates with prospective members throughout the week. Though the only requirement for potential new members (PNMs) was an interview with a Tri Delta alumna, PNMs were encouraged to attend optional rush events, including an informational open house, the “Be Bold Be Brave” philanthropy event, Preference Night and Bid Day. Sunday’s “Sunny-side Up”-themed Bid Day was a highlight for many new members, who received cereal-shaped bid signs, Tri Delta shirts and bags and were invited to take photos in front of a sign that read, “Starting Our Chapter Sunny-side Up!” According to Buckwalter, in future years recruitment “will occur simultaneously with other Greek organizations and mirror the structure of the typical Kenyon week of recruitment events.” 

During the rush process, Tri Delta Student Initiators believed it was important for PNMs to embody the sorority’s core values of braveness, boldness and kindness. “In the process of deciding on which national sorority to bring to Kenyon, the other founding members and I believed that these values — in addition to additional initiatives of Tri Delta — fit Kenyon quite well. I personally like to think that one of Tri Delta’s mantras, ‘kind alike to all,’ sums up best as to what perspective we take toward the recruitment process,” Buckwalter said.

While participating in Tri Delta’s rush process, pledge Nava Bahrampour ’27 instantly felt welcome. “One big theme throughout recruitment was really being yourself and leaning into the things that make you you as opposed to being what the chapter wants, and that was something that really resonated with me,” Bahrampour said in an interview with the Collegian. “I just felt really connected to all of the people that I talked to because there are so many girls from all these different sides of campus, and that was something I really wanted in a sorority.”

For Bahrampour, the highlight of Tri Delta’s rush process was the Be Bold Be Brave philanthropy event, or Philanthropy Night. Prospective pledges learned about Tri Delta’s work with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Body-Image 3D program, the organization’s two primary branches of philanthropy. PNMs received bracelets with QR codes that linked to information on specific patients who are navigating their experiences with cancer at St. Jude’s Hospital. “I don’t think I would’ve gotten involved with that philanthropy if it hadn’t been introduced to me,” said Bahrampour. 

PNMs also learned about Tri Delta’s Body-Image 3D program, along with future goals to bring attention to these issues not only to the women in the sorority, but to the broader campus as well. “I don’t think that Tri Delta is afraid to talk about the less fortunate parts of the human condition, and make sure that all of our sisters are not just seeming okay, but really feeling okay,” Bahrampour said. “I think the mental health programming really focuses on that.”

“These are just some of our organization’s initiatives, but we are excited and eager to work with local organizations in the Knox County and Gambier area — in addition to Kenyon’s other Greek Organizations — as a way to give back at a local level,” Buckwalter said.

Despite their relative newness on campus, Tri Delta has begun planning future events. “This semester will be more of an adjustment period to becoming an established Greek organization at Kenyon and we will be doing events, but definitely be looking for BIG things from us in the upcoming year!” Buckwalter wrote. “[I am] so excited to have this opportunity to be a part of the foundation of a new space on Kenyon’s campus where women can feel empowered, supported, loved and make life-long connections!”

Bahrampour emphasized Tri Delta’s commitment to community and inclusivity. “Making Greek life more inclusive is really, really important to us,” Bahrampour said. “Any woman who wants to be part of Tri Delta can and should be part of Tri Delta.”

Delilah Locke ’26 is a features editor for the Collegian.

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