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Student Council discusses opening of Pollinator Garden

On Sunday, Student Council met to discuss recent Business and Finance Committee (BFC) supplemental fundings, updates to social spaces on campus and the upcoming opening for the Building, Grounds and Sustainability (BGS) Committee’s pollinator garden. 

Vice President for Business and Finance Committee Daniel Kowalczyk ’24 kicked off the meeting by reminding the student body that the BFC has a final supplemental meeting scheduled for March 25. This will be the last supplemental of the semester, and Kowalczyk encouraged student organizations to submit their requests early due to dwindling funds. 

Senior Class President Rachel Chen ’24 encouraged seniors to submit their ideas for Senior Week, as the Senior Class Committee has begun their planning for it. She also reminded seniors to attend the Financial Literacy Workshop, which will be held March 23. First-Year Class President Erik Kim ’27 also had news for the first-year class — the theme for this year’s First-Year Fling will be James Bond. The event, titled “The Bond Ball,” will occur on April 5. 

Buildings, Grounds and Sustainability Committee Chair Isabel Braun ’26 updated the Council on recent meetings that BGS held with administrators. These meetings focused on environmental activism, and the Committee discussed adding more garbage cans, ashtrays and lighting to campus. They also discussed hiring more environmentally focused senior staff members. 

Braun added that the pollinator garden will officially be set up by April 15. BGS will hold an event celebrating the first flowers planted in collaboration with BGS, Kenyon College Beekeeper’s Club and the Brown Family Environmental Center. 

Safety and Wellness Committee Chair Leah Kessler ’24 announced that there will be a field day on April 21, which will feature an inflatable obstacle course and other games. She added that the Peer Health Educator application is officially open, and applications will close on March 24 at 11 p.m. 

In the coming weeks, Cox Health and Counseling Center will host a walk-in STI clinic with self-administered tests that are free for students. In approaching spring break, Kessler reminded students to pay attention to emails from Campus Safety regarding protocol to follow over spring break. 

Student Council President Marissa Sun ’25 updated the Council on the recent surveys sent out to the student body, which asked for feedback on indoor and outdoor social spaces on campus. Following the results from those surveys, the Student Council Executive Board met with campus partners in various departments with plans to update both Weaver Cottage and the Gunderdome. In addition, Sun expressed there may be a potential third project, which will focus on updating outdoor spaces for socialization. She thanked the student body for their input, and emphasized that their feedback  will be incorporated into the renovation process. 

Following officer reports, Student Council approved the most recent BFC supplementals. Thirteen student organizations requested funding, with seven organizations receiving funding in full. Blu Ray Ultimate Frisbee was denied funding, as the BFC will be maintaining consistency in funding only two tournaments per intramural organization. The Collegian Magazine did not attend the supplemental hearing and was also denied funding. The other five organizations were partially funded, with some requests being deferred to Fun Funds. In total, over $9,500 was split between the organizations. 

Student Council unanimously approved the BFC supplementals. 

Student Council will next meet March 24 in Chalmers Library room 302 at 7 p.m. All students are welcome to attend either in person or remotely.

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