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Student Council discusses election bylaws, ResLife changes

On Sunday, Student Council met to discuss changes to Student Council election bylaws and the new Apartment and Suite Housing (ASH) selection process.

Vice President for Academic Affairs Kate Lengel ’24 kicked off the meeting by reminding students to fill out or renew their Student Accessibility and Support Services application for their accommodations. 

Senior Class President Rachel Chen ’24 encouraged the senior class to attend  Fandango, which will take place this Friday in Gund Commons Ballroom. Next, Safety and Wellness Committee Chair Leah Kessler ’24 thanked everyone who participated in Sexual Responsibility Week and discussed upcoming intramural events, including a ping-pong tournament on Sunday and a racquetball singles tournament on Feb. 18.

Social Board Representative Lynne Bush ’25 reminded students of the upcoming Battle of the Bands on Saturday. The event will feature a free BBQ food truck for the first 200 people and free shirts for the first 150 people.

Student Council President Marissa Sun ’25 thanked students for filling out the survey regarding routine transportation to Columbus and reminded students that cards will be available to sign in the Peirce Atrium during lunch this week for the LOVE project, which aims to show appreciation for faculty and staff. She also discussed the Council’s first meeting with Senior Staff about ways to improve the student experience.

Following officer reports, Sun conducted a first reading of two amendments to the Student Council bylaws regarding elections. Among some of the changes include prohibiting students from running for office if they plan to study off campus during part of the academic year, prohibiting money or items used as bribery in exchange for a vote and filling vacancies through either a campus-wide election or a committee vote. The amendments also specified that votes cast by outgoing seniors would be weighted as half a vote, as they do not experience the effects of their votes on campus. 

The Council then discussed the new ASH selection process with Director of Residential Life Leah Reuber. According to Reuber, the new ASH system aims to eliminate stress and chaos by separating the application for non-traditional spaces from the rest of the process. Reuber added that the new system will now only use students’ individual lottery numbers as a tiebreaker and should thereby eliminate the issue of students selling their lottery numbers during room draw.

Student Council will next meet Sunday in Chalmers Library room 302 at 7 p.m. All students are welcome to attend either in person or remotely.


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