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Village Council discusses local speeding, light show event

On Monday night, the Gambier Village Council held its final meeting of the year to discuss ongoing traffic and speeding concerns, the success of Sunday’s Village Lights event and more. 

Gambier residents again complained about speeding issues, a topic that has been brought up repeatedly in recent meetings. One resident, who also spoke on the subject during Nov. 6’s meeting, warned of the dangers of not addressing the matter. This resident made his irritation clear, once again expressing how he does not feel safe playing with his grandson in his front yard. He claims to have tried taking matters into his own hands, screaming at the cars to slow down as they speed by. “I yell at [the drivers], and they look at me and do this,” he said, and then proceeded to show his middle finger to the entire Council to illustrate. “I guarantee it… wait until something bad happens, and we’ll say, ‘gosh, we should have probably done something.’” 

The Council reiterated the steps they are taking toward resolving the speeding issue. One Council member announced that a new Knox County Sheriff will be ready to work in January, and reminded the resident of the implementation of new speed bumps and raised crosswalks.  

Sunday’s Village Lights event was praised as a success despite the chilly weather. There were a variety of vendors, and the Council noted that every single food vendor sold out. Attendance was greater than anticipated, with President Julie Kornfeld among the residents present at the event. Gambier Mayor Leeman Kessler ’04 said that this was a great way to welcome President Kornfeld to Gambier, and the Council agreed that it was a perfect way to get Gambier into the holiday spirit.  

Other topics of discussion included the idling problem during pick-up and drop-off hours at Wiggin Street Elementary. Council member Rakia Faber said she planned to attend the parent-teacher organization (PTO) meeting for the school to better understand the factors that lead to cars sitting with their engines on for an extended period.  

The next Village Council meeting will be held in January. 


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