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Student Council discusses Summer Sendoff artist, new club

On Sunday, Student Council met to discuss new initiatives under the Buildings, Grounds and Sustainability Committee (BGS) and the Safety and Wellness Committees, the success of Senior Soiree and a possible Summer Sendoff artist.

Vice President of Business and Finance Daniel Kowalczyk ’24 reminded everyone that signups for the Business and Finance Committee (BFC) Semesterly Allocation will come out before Thanksgiving break, and that plans must be finalized and submitted before fund allocation on Dec. 2. 

In preparation for the new semester, Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion Chevaugn Campbell ’24 updated the Council on the new Book Donation Initiative. The initiative would allow for students to list the books that they have as well as their respective classes, so that other students can contact them directly rather than using the bookstore’s buyback program. Campbell plans to discuss the initiative with Dean of Student Development Robin Hart Ruthenbeck, who also suggested they talk with representatives from the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Library and Information Services, as well as Senior Director of Campus Life James Jackson.

Senior Class President Rachel Chen ’24 thanked all attendees of the Senior Soiree on Friday for a great turnout at the senior class’s first event of the year, expressing gratitude to the Junior Class Committee for volunteering as well as everyone who helped out at the end of the night. She informed everyone that all photos and Glambot shots would be released via email later this week. Chen also updated the Council on potential events for the upcoming semester, including a financial literacy workshop series, a Seniors’ Village Inn Trivia Night and Fandango and a cocktail hour for seniors and professors in February.

Junior Class President Joseph Pepe ’25 thanked everyone for the success of Graditurkeys, student-made hand turkeys that expressed gratitude toward the Peirce Dining Hall staff in preparation for Thanksgiving. Pepe also mentioned a possible all-class game of Assassin that the Committee will be planning for the future. Sophomore Class President Christiane Betfarhad ’26 congratulated everyone on the success of a recent resume lab hosted in tandem with the Career Development Office. First-Year Class President Erik Kim ’27 announced that first-year committees would be created by the end of the week.

Safety and Wellness Committee Chair Madelin Vandeberg ’25 informed the Council that “Caught You in the Act (of Kindness)” received a total of 51 submissions, and all students who were submitted will receive a surprise soon. She also reminded students that flu shots and COVID-19 boosters are due Jan. 1. As Kenyon will not offer a clinic for the COVID-19 booster, Vandeberg advised students to visit Knox Public Health or Conway’s Pharmacy in Mount Vernon, or to make appointments at home over break to receive their vaccinations. She further encouraged students to sign up for the dodgeball tournament in the Lowry Center on Dec. 3 at 1 p.m.

BGS Committee Chair Isabel Braun ’26 updated the Council on a collaboration with KCBeeC, Kenyon’s beekeeping club, on pollinator spaces, which attract bees and other pollinators to an ecosystem, as well as researching the possibility of a “community invasive removal project.”

Social Board Representative Lynne Bush ’25 announced that Sean Kingston was Kenyon’s first choice for the Summer Sendoff artist, with 45% of the vote from a preliminary form sent to the student body. Social Board has reached out to his agent and hopes to have him perform at Sendoff.

Student Council President Marissa Sun ’25 discussed the Council’s upcoming meeting with Associate Provost Sheryl Hemkin to confer on carbon neutrality, as a follow up to the Board of Trustees fall meeting. She also mentioned a new initiative to give thanks to campus departments such as Maintenance and AVI, similar to the Love Project last year. As part of the initiative, Council members tabled on Tuesday for Gratituesday, where students were able to make cards and give thanks to faculty members. The Council will deliver the cards and treats later in the week.

Finally, the Council approved a new student organization, Blow-Up Club, an organization that will watch films and produce a short movie every semester. The Council discussed whether the club would have to charge dues to pay for movies or film equipment. In response, the organization said that most of the films they plan to watch are available on Kanopy, and they may be able to use the film equipment at the Wright Center. The Council concluded that dues would not be necessary. 

Student Council will next meet on Dec. 3 at 7 p.m. in Chalmers Library room 302 for its last meeting of the semester. All students are welcome to attend either in person or remotely.


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