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Student Council discusses BFC funding, approves new club

On Oct. 1, Student Council met to discuss the upcoming trial run for the new Caught You in the Act (of Kindness) program, the Business and Finance Committee (BFC) supplementals and the approval of a new student organization, the Skating Club.  

Senior Class President Rachel Chen ’24 reminded attendees that the Senior Soirée will be on Nov. 10 from 8 to 10 p.m.  The event is set to take place in Thomas Hall with the theme “Heavenly Bodies.”

Safety and Wellness Committee Chair Madelin Vandeberg ’25 announced a trial run of a new program called Caught You in the Act (of Kindness). The program allows students to anonymously nominate people who have performed an act of kindness. Nominees will receive a message from the Safety and Wellness Committee letting them know they have been recognized, as well as a small surprise. “We look forward to hearing about all the kind acts on campus,” said Vandeberg in anticipation of the launch.

Vandeberg reminded students of the upcoming Martial Arts Self-Defense Series, which students can sign up for on KenyonFit. Additionally, she encouraged students to attend a three-on-three basketball tournament at the Lowry Center on Nov. 5 and 12. 

Student Council President Marissa Sun ’25 updated the Council that the last StuCo Sunday, which was held on Oct. 22, saw a great turnout. The next StuCo Sunday will be Nov. 12. 

The Council also voted to approve seven funding requests from the most recent BFC supplemental hearing, funding six student organizations in full. Fiber Arts Club requested $300, but the BFC recommended partial funding of $221.65, deferring the remaining $78.35 to Fun Funds. 

Following discussion of the BFC supplemental hearing, the Council deliberated on a potential new student organization, the Skating Club. According to Julia Wartman ’25, the club’s founder, members would meet once a week to drive to Newark, Ohio, the site of the closest skating rink to campus. Seventy students expressed interest and Wartman expects that roughly 20 students would make the trip each week. “This would be a club that would be open and accepting and eager for students who have figure skating experience, hockey experience or just students who are excited to learn,” Wartman said. Despite initial concerns about similarities to other student organizations, the Skating Club was approved unanimously.  

Student Council will next meet on Sunday at 7 p.m in Chalmers Library room 302. Students are welcome to attend either in person or remotely.


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