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Social Board hosts annual spring festival on Peirce Lawn

Social Board hosts annual spring festival on Peirce Lawn

Activities included soccer-ball darts and face painting. | DELILAH LOCKE

On Saturday, Social Board skipped into spring with its annual Spring Fest on Peirce Lawn. The event featured fun games, crafts and free gourmet popsicles.

During the week prior, Social Board advertised the event with flowery fliers all over campus as well as on social media. At the event, the lawn featured a huge inflatable dart board. Instead of regular darts, players kicked velcro soccer balls onto the board to get the most points possible, ranging from one to “bullseye.” 

Next to the darts was a bright red and blue inflatable obstacle course that was brought to campus by the events company Super Games, along with the dart board. The obstacle course featured bouncy tunnels and rungs that people could climb up and slide down. The course fit perfectly with the energetic outdoor fun throughout the morning. 

“I think Spring Fest is a good opportunity to get outside and hang out with your friends, play some fun games,” Social Board Associate Elisa Skaggs ’26 said. Spring Fest is the mirror to another annual event that Social Board hosts, Fall Fest. “We kind of have the same vibe for both of them to just get people outside and doing stuff together,” Skaggs said.

The most adventurous attendees ziplined right next to Middle Path. People climbed the stairs to the top, got strapped into their harnesses and made the leap of faith to slide down the zipline, having a great time the entire way. “It was a little scary, but a lot, a lot of fun,” Social Board Associate Mary Hitchcock ’26 said.

Event-goers who wanted something a little more laid back could venture over to the craft table. There were tote bags to decorate, spring colors for face painting and the perfect amount of glitter.  By the table, there was a speaker playing happy, energetic music to encompass the day’s bubbly atmosphere.

Lastly, Social Board brought the gourmet popsicle stand “Rime Time” to Spring Fest. Anyone could grab a free popsicle from the stand, including interesting flavors like “Peanut Butter & Jelly” and “Blueberry Lemonade.” The sweet treat added to one of the best events that Social Board has hosted this year. Many students enjoyed all of the activities that Social Board had to offer, and the laughter, music and fun could be heard from all directions on campus. Spring Fest created a great environment filled with enthusiasm and joy, making it a great jump into the spring season.


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