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Campus Senate creates subcommittee for moniker timeline

The College has created a subcommittee tasked with reviewing the current timeline for changing the College’s monikers, a process which began in February 2021. This announcement comes amid a delay in the final vote on potential new monikers, which was intended to happen in October. 

The subcommittee — composed of Campus Senate members, alumni from the Office of Advancement, Office of Communications staff and faculty from the Athletics Department — is dedicated to advancing the Senate’s progress during the spring 2021 semester. 

The road to changing the monikers from the Lords and Ladies — which some have argued contain sexist and classist undertones — has been arduous. The Campus Senate has been in talks with President Sean Decatur over changing the monikers since early February 2021. A report by the Senate in April of 2021 set a general timeline for the moniker revision, which was then delayed in October. The purpose of this recent subcommittee is to avoid further obstacles that would lengthen the already extended process. 

“We are practicing the idea that progress requires a good, strong and well-communicated process, and can be hindered without one,” said Student Co-Chair of the Campus Senate Delaney Gallagher ’23. “To that end, we have created an inclusive ad-hoc committee.”

The subcommittee brings together departments that have long held a stake in the review process with new faces who have yet to weigh in on the affair. In recent months, members from both the Office of Advancement and the Department of Athletics have attended meetings focused on the moniker change. In addition, members from the Office of Communications have joined the subcommittee. 

The subcommittee projects that their review of the moniker change process will be completed by the end of the current semester, with hopes that the change will be executed during the spring semester. 


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