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Student Council discusses yellow jackets, Chilitos rumors

On Sunday, Sept. 12, Student Council met to discuss prevalent issues such as the sudden increase of yellow jackets on campus and trash overflow. The Council also shut down rumors that Chilitos Fresh Mex restaurant lost its liquor license, explaining that it is closed due to short-staffing. 

In lieu of attending the meeting, Grounds Supervisor Steve Vaden sent the group some pertinent information on yellow jackets. According to Vaden, yellow jacket activity always spikes during the late summer. They are attracted to all things sugary and sweet, which renders outdoor dining a likely occasion for a swarm. Unfortunately, the nests are difficult to find, and Kenyon is considered to be a bee-friendly campus, so there is not much the College can do about the situation. 

“I wish I could say there was a way to reduce the number of yellow jackets flying around the Pierce tents, but unfortunately, I cannot,” Vaden said. 

The Council had some suggestions about things students can do to avoid making the present situation any worse. Student Council President Micah Smith ’22 advised people to be more considerate about where they are throwing away their trash. Ever Croffoot-Suede ’23, chair of the Housing and Dining Committee, also encouraged students to reduce the amount of open trash by closing any food containers they throw away. 

Additionally, the Council attended to trash overflow, another maintenance issue. Kenyon’s Maintenance Department is currently in the process of evaluating the flow of student movement to improve their management of waste. Dean of Campus Life Laura Kane asked that students let the department know about any sites of serious trash overflow so they can consider it in their plans. 

Kane then quelled rumors that Chilitos was permanently shut down or had lost its liquor license. She clarified that the reason the restaurant has yet to open this semester is the labor shortage impacting many businesses in the area. Though Chilitos is still in possession of its liquor license, Kane urged people to come speak to her if they witness underage drinking at the restaurant upon opening. 

Vice President for Student Affairs Celestino Limas also attended the Student Council meeting to introduce himself and answer questions from the Council’s members.

When Vice President for Student Affairs Ubongabasi Asuquo ’23 asked Limas about his goals for the upcoming year, Limas replied that he does not want to impose anything on a community he is unfamiliar with. Instead, he is hoping to first spend some time getting a better understanding of how the College works.

“I think you have to go where the people are,” he said. “Meet people in their moments.”

Limas emphasized that the best and most important part of his job is bringing students and staff together to generate the best possible ideas for the College. He hopes to come to a mutual understanding with students regarding decisions the College makes. 

“It’s very important that [the student body has] fingerprints on our decisions going forward,” he said. 

The next Student Council meeting will be held on Sunday, Sept. 19 at 7:00 p.m.


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